четвъртък, 18 август 2016 г.

Asian Handicap 0 and -0.5 Strategy

Let’s talk about the handicap betting. The handicap betting is a very good way to increase the odds in your bets and therefore - your profit. Especially when we are talking about games in which one of the teams is much stronger than the other and betting on him in a traditional 1X2 bet will hardly bring you a good profit. The handicap is a solid way to change the odds in your favour and aim for a good profit, while still betting on the favourites to win.

One of the ways you could use the handicap is the so called split handicap. This is a good method to use, when there is a really small difference in the abilities of the two teams. With the split handicap you can easily split your stake over two handicaps.

Just for example, Team A might be offered at 0 and -0.5. If you decide to give your trust on Team A and they eventually lose the game, then unfortunately you’re going to lose your both bets, because they wouldn’t cover either handicap.

But let’s say that the game ends with a draw. Now this would be a different story for you, because half of your stake (0) is winning, so you’re going to be refunded. Unfortunately, the other half of your stake (-0.5) is losing again.

The best possible outcome of you is Team A to win, because then both of the handicaps are going to be covered and both of your bets are winning.

How you do see for yourself, the handicapbetting is giving you good opportunities to try something different in your career as a bettor. Try it for yourself and who knows - maybe this is really the strategy which works the best for you? You wouldn’t know, before trying it.